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EVENT: 3rd Annual Diversity & Inclusion Forum, May 29, 2020

The event will be an enriching opportunity for faculty, fellows, residents, students, postdocs, staff and community members to learn tools and strategies to enable you to become an effective change agent for diversity and inclusion in medical education. 



Match Day 2020

We're happy to announce our matched applicants for this year:

Radiation Oncology: Ages Ewongwo, Santino Butler, Claire Baniel and Kekoa Taparra.

Medical Physics:  Mengying Shi and Sunan Cui.

Lymphoma expert and former Chair of the Department of Radiation Oncology, Dr. Richard Hoppe is the consummate physician-scientist, educator, and leader. He pioneered novel lymphoma therapy that has saved thousands of lives. A beloved educator, he has trained young physicians and scientists who now lead lymphoma research worldwide. As our department chair for almost two decades, he provided outstanding leadership of our world-class faculty and staff. Most notably, Dr. Hoppe is an exceptional clinician, respected and beloved by his patients for his expert knowledge and deep compassion.

Please click here to learn more about our initiative to honor him

Dr. Swift Wins Medical Staff Award

Dr. Patrick Swift received a Medical Staff Award last week for Patient Centeredness-- He has been in the 99th percentile of the Likelihood to Recommend by patients for the last four years.

On winning the award, Dr. Swift said, "Caring for the overall well-being of my patients has always been my passion. I am deeply honored and humbled to have this sign of respect from my patients and their families!"

Join us in congratulating him on this wonderful achievement!

SCI Doctors Featured in SHC Video

Watch our doctors discuss Stanford Cancer Institute

Doctors from Stanford Radiation Oncology were featured in Stanford Health Care’s video discussing the treatment and technologies they use to move the fight against cancer forward.

Click Here to learn about the Stanford Cancer Institute and its role in the growing Stanford Health Care network in the latest SHC Pride video. Stanford Cancer Institute leaders, members and partners are all dedicated to discovering cancers causes and treatments, and applying that knowledge to improved diagnostic, therapeutic and prevention strategies.


Dr. Richard Hoppe Awarded ARS Gold Medal

The gold medal is the first ever awarded by the society

Congratulations to Dr. Richard Hoppe! He has been awarded the 2019 inaugural American Radium Society Gold Medal in recognition of his exemplary professionalism, leadership, contributions to the field of medicine and service to the society.

Asked what recieving the award means to him, Dr. Hoppe said, “It is a singular honor to have been chosen as the inaugural recipient of the Gold Medal of the American Radium Society. The society, founded more than century ago, is the first and oldest organization to focus on the interdisciplinary management of cancer, an approach that yields the best outcome for our patients. I am proud to be a member and to have been chosen for this award.” We're proud to have Dr. Hoppe as a part of our department!

Stanford Radiation Oncology gets a Mini Mercedes

Caution! Student Driver: Toy cars are used to make getting to treatment more fun for children

Doctors gather around a patient taking the car for a test drive

You may have recently noticed young drivers speeding down the halls of the treatment area in a red sports car.  As part of a continued effort to improve the treatment experience of our youngest patients, the pediatric team of Susie Hiniker, MD, Sarah Donaldson, MD, and Michelle Callejas, RN, BSN, acquired a mini Mercedes.  Pediatric patients are able to drive this car before or after treatment, giving their days a little bit of fun.

All of this happens under the watchful eye of Michelle, who carries a remote control with override capabilities, for the more reckless drivers. 

Daniel Chang, MD, described the cars as a way to “bring a little joy to the kids on their way to getting radiation treatments.” But that's not all, Susie adds, "Rumor has it a resident has even taken this car out for a test drive." 

That's the driver that Michelle really needs to keep an eye on!


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