Radiation Oncology
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Research and Education

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Our Mission

The mission of our department is: “To bring the most advanced care to our patients by being at the cutting edge of research and technology.” To achieve this, our top priority is to implement rapidly our own research discoveries directly to the clinic to improve the clinical outcomes for our patients. We have outstanding basic research in radiation biology and radiation physics and excellence clinical care, and our current strategy is to combine all components together to develop a world-class program in translational research. Presently, we have several active clinical trials translating our own laboratory discoveries into novel therapeutic approaches. these clinical trials can be found on this website.

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Division Laboratories

Attardi Lab : Radiation & Cancer Biology

Brown Lab : Radiation & Cancer Biology

Diehn Lab : Radiation Therapy

Giaccia Lab : Radiation & Cancer Biology

Graves Lab : Radiation Physics

Hristov Lab : Radiation Physics

Knox Lab : Radiation Therapy

Koong Lab : radiation Therapy

Le Lab : radiation Therapy

Loo Lab : Radiation Therapy

pratx Lab : Radiation physics

xing Lab : Radiation Physics

Choking Off Brain Tumors (Video)

Dr. Martin Brown of Stanford University's Radiation and Cancer Biology shares his lab's research results for preventing tumor recurrences after radiotherapy.

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Clinical Trials - Education

For information about clinical trials watch these short videos:

Progressing Health and Medicine with Cancer Clinical Trials (Video:Stanford Cancer Institute)

More Options. More Hope. (Video: Pancreatic Cancer Action Network)


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